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Our company

ONASI is a company incorporated in 1992. It was originally conceived as an engineering company dedicated to technical appraisals, currently becoming a consulting firm specializing in fixed asset management and preventive / corrective maintenance of buildings, with a focus integral, cutting-edge ideas and procedures according to the best global practicess. See our services


ONASI Ltda. is a consulting firm specialized in asset management of organized companies, inventories, valuations, consultancies in general and preventive / corrective maintenance of buildings. In the development of its mission, it strives for the creation of value and growth opportunities for its clients, collaborators, associates, shareholders and society in general, through a dynamic and specialized work team, guaranteeing an efficient and safe return of its investment.


ONASI Ltda. aims to be a leading organization in the market in which it operates, in aspects related to quality, service, innovation and efficiency. In the short term, it seeks to consolidate the prestige of its name and become the most attractive, reliable and secure option for its clients. In the long term, the objective is to develop new products and services that expand and complement its corporate purpose. For this, we have competent personnel supported by cutting-edge technology, working with quality standards such as ISO 9001.



Our policies

Quality policy

ONASI LTDA seeks to provide its clients with services that meet or exceed their expectations in terms of quality and competitive cost, also providing an excellent service in an optimal, agile and timely manner through the application of a quality management system in all phases of the operation and at different levels of the organization.

Safety and health policy at work and in the environment

ONASI LTDA, consistent with its co-responsibility in the safety and health of its workers, contractors, suppliers, visitors, as well as in the preservation of the environment, is committed to the management and continuous improvement of its integral management system in the environment, security and health at work.

No alcohol, no tobacco and no hallucinogenic substances policy

ONASI LTDA, in its commitment to ensure Safety and Health and aware that the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and non-prescription drugs, bring harmful consequences for Health, Safety, Productivity and Interpersonal Relations, has determined that the offices and Areas in which projects are developed are smoke-free and entry, consumption and work are prohibited under the effects of alcohol and hallucinogenic substances.

Personal data protection policy

ONASI LTDA and its staff, is committed to respecting the privacy of each of the third parties who provide their Personal Data during the exercise of the mission of the organization, under the provisions contained in Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, Decree 1377 of 2013, and other concordant norms, by which general provisions for the protection of personal data are dictated.