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Technical valuations

Under Colombian local regulations or under IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Determination of Fair Value.

Appraisal of companies and intangibles such as brands and good will

This service is intended for information and use by Company executives, so that they can have an external opinion of the updated estimated value of the intangibles.

Physical inventories, marking and conciliation VS accounting records

Physical inventories of fixed assets, materials, spare parts or products, marking or plating of fixed assets and reconciliation with accounting records

Outsourcing professional services

Professional Outsourcing Services in the integral technical, administrative and accounting management of assets.

Study and calculation of the deterioration

Specialized advice for the Study and calculation of the impairment of the value of Fixed Assets or Cash Generating Units. Value of use fair Value less disposal costs.

Determination of the useful life and / or remaining life of fixed assets

Consultancy focused on performing an analysis and expressing an opinion regarding the Useful Life and / or Remnant of fixed assets.

Civil works

Design; general, preventive and / or corrective maintenance of buildings; cleaning and waterproofing of facades, roofs, squares and hard areas; Structural reinforcements, Interventorías and Construction Consultancies

Software WEB for Fixed Asset Management

WEB Software for Fixed Asset Management, is a Web application that manages the information of fixed assets in a friendly, comprehensive and secure way